Bonbon Rio Candy was established in 1971, when two brothers Dino and Nikitas Madonis invested $2500 each to start a business partnership. The first products they produced were fudge and cream fudge. At this time Dino and Nikitas Madonis relied heavily upon their father, Dimitrios Madonis. The latter had many years’ experience in running and owning a confectionery business in Greece. Without the help, hard work and love of their wives, Georgette and Georgia, Bonbon Rio Candy would not have become a successful reality.

Dino and Nikitas Madonis first rented a small complex on Leonard de Vinci in St-Michel to conduct Bonbon Rio’s operations. This facility measured only 800 square feet. As time went on, the business was rapidly growing and they soon needed to move to a bigger facility. In 1975 the business moved to Riviere-des-Prairies and into a 3000 square foot complex. Due to this rapid growth, Dino and Nikitas Madonis incorporated their business in 1976.

During this period of rapid growth and expansion Bonbon Rio Candy Inc. became a more dominant organisation in the Canadian Confectionery Industry. With growing sales and increasing revenues Bonbon Rio Candy Inc. bought its first baking oven. This oven was used to produce only mini cones. Further expansion was put off because of the high interest rates the banks offered (hovering at 23%). In 1981, with interest rates down to abbordable levels, Bonbon Rio Candy Inc. once again moved to a bigger facility. This time, they moved into a 10 000 square foot facility, also in Riviere-des-Prairies. From 1983 to 1990, the company gradually acquired five more ovens. These ovens were used to produce different types of ice cream cones and cups. This period marked a time when this organisation aggressively entered the ice cream cone and cup industry.

In 1997, the company acquired its first building. This building is located in the Industrial Park of Pointe-aux-Trembles, it is made up of 30 000 square feet of space.

In 1998, it was decided that the implementation of HACCP (Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points) would be beneficial for the company. Accreditation is anticipated for late 1999. Also in 1998, in order to meet increasing market demand, the company acquired two additional baking ovens to produce more ice cream cones and cups.

In 1999, Bonbon Rio Candy Inc. was awarded first-prize for being the best small business in eastern Montreal at the " Honneur et Merite " banquet held by the Chamber of Commerce of eastern Montreal.


Organisational Structure

Administrative structure


Dino Madonis, one of the founders and owners of Bonbon Rio Candy Inc. has been President since the companys’ inception. Until 1990, Dino Madonis also handled marketing, sales and purchases. Today he doubles as both President and Director of Purchasing. The invaluable skill, administrative knowledge and market experience Dino brings to this organisation make him a key factor in critical decisions within the company.

Vice-President and Production Director

Nikitas Madonis, the other co-founder and owner, is the Vice-President and Production Director of Bonbon Rio Candy Inc. He is responsible for production, quality and machine maintenance. Nikitas Madonis also guards the secret recipes that are used to produce Bonbon Rio’s delicious products. Nikitas Madonis, while prudent in taking risks has been an important factor in making this company a success.

Marketing and Sales

Nick Trudel is the National Sales and Marketing Director. Since he joined the Company in June of 1990, he has been an invaluable addition to the company’s administrative team. His sales skills, experience, and knowledge of the market have helped Bonbon Rio Candy inc. become a major force in the highly competitive market they are in. Propelled by new market penetration the need of an assistant became apparent. Hence, Micheline Dulude joined the company’s sales force in May of 1998. Her added experience, computer skills and sales knowledge have helped reinforce an already excellent sales team.

Another important member of Bonbon Rio Candy Inc.’s sales team is Mr. Jack Wright, our major account manager for Ontario. He has been a very loyal and hard working team member for many years, providing this company with many years of experience and knowledge concerning the Ontario market.

Together, they form a dynamic and professional team.


Mr. Jean Bernier has been the accountant for the company since 1980. His vast experience in business and finance has served the company well.

Office Administration

From 1979 to 1994 Gemma Ouellet handled all the office administration of the Company. In 1990 Bonbon Rio Candy inc. hired Chantale Beaudoin, who has now taken over the Customer service responsibilities. In 1994 the company hired Chantal Coutu who does the bookkeeping and is responsible for purchases. Each summer, during vacation period, Gemma comes back to the office and assume the task of those employees.

Quality Assurance

In February 1999, the company hired Mariane Tessier as Quality Co-ordinator to implement the HACCP requirements. She doubles up as Human Resources Manager, as well.




Bonbon Rio Candy inc. would like to thank the following key personnel for their loyalty, hard work and dedication: Marielle Pépin who has been with the company since 1979, Adam Babalis who has been with the company since 1983, Daniel Faustin and Stéphane Coutlée who have been with the company since 1990, and Kostas Seilaidopoulos who has been with the company since 1991.


The Company operates 24 hours a day. Each day is split into three shifts: the day, evening and night shifts. This organisation employs 50 workers during the peak season, from February to July and 45 workers during the slow season, which runs from November to January.

All employees who compose the production group are trained on the specifics required for every mix. As a matter of fact, preparing the right mix constitutes the only semi-manal action in the process and is handled by the production Director and managers.

Bonbon Rio Candy inc. would also like to thank all its employees for their hard work and dedication.


Organisational Chart